Tuesday, 9 March 2010

the letter book.

where is this going... hmm not sure? but i am happy with how it looks so far. i am thinking of creating a narrative that iss based on the mirror and repetitive elements. the letters came from looking at some type books. i am not sure where the name rose came from, probably i liked drawing the r o and s best and so it turned into 'rose'. anyone that is a writer and feels like trying to make a narrative of this... go for it!

i've got two more images to make.. but they are incubating in my mind at the moment.

Monday, 8 March 2010

an idea

ok, sounds like we both want to develop our images that we did for this project. so aine, what do you think about doing 5 images that could be developed into a narrative? maybe we could make a book at the end. so the challange is, you've got 2 weeks to make 5 images using black and white with a narrative in mind. maybe at this stage they don't necessarily have to have the plot yet, so just make the images and we'll build plots later....

Newspaper city

I like to create imaginary landscapes, especially urban and man-made landscapes. I work a lot in notebooks, experimenting with collage and simple printing techniques to achieve different textures and effects. I used quick-off and photocopies to achieve the newspapery quality. It makes the buildings looks as though they are covered in ash and surrounded in smog or dust. I would maybe like to develop this image into a series or narrative.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

black and white

i've done lots for this theme. i really enjoyed getting out the black water colour and keeping it really simple. i thought a lot about different black and white things and the first thing that came to mind were the black and white tiles that lined the hallway in the house my dad grew up in in tasmania. ithe house is called quamby, it is now run by the overland track tour people. i think the black and white tiles are still in the house...  will have to investigate one day.
the lilies were for my mum's birthday. grace gave me the lilies for my exhibition opening. i have been enjoying them a lot and now they are immortalised in a picture! muy bien!

Monday, 1 March 2010

No 6: Black and white...

...monochrome, bw,  greyscale call it what you will...interpret as you wish.

a stitch in time