Monday, 8 March 2010

an idea

ok, sounds like we both want to develop our images that we did for this project. so aine, what do you think about doing 5 images that could be developed into a narrative? maybe we could make a book at the end. so the challange is, you've got 2 weeks to make 5 images using black and white with a narrative in mind. maybe at this stage they don't necessarily have to have the plot yet, so just make the images and we'll build plots later....


  1. For what its worth, I think you should go for it, and do more in this topic. All the image are really strong in themselves, but they also work really really well together. The 3 you have already click together, and I can see a nice narrative coming from the set already. Im sure if you do make more images, that they will come together swishly. If you go for it I can't wit to see where it goes.
    Great stuff there hop and skip.